What is this Website? – A Guide for All

This website is my attempt to create a personal reference
for myself, for fellow anime lovers and those interested
in Anime
. This is not a full, comprehensive list of
all anime ever made; it’s a collection of my thoughts
and experiences on Anime that can be used by everyone.

What is the purpose of this Website? – Increase Anime’s Overall Accessibility 

#1 – Increase popularity of Anime with non-Japanese audiences
#2 – Increase valuable information for people to watch Anime
#3 – Increase acceptance of Anime’s story telling value
#4 – Increase understanding of Anime tropes and themes
(And on a side note, for my own personal Anime catalog – I’m a nerd too!)

How will this Website do this? – Focus on 5 Positives & Avoid 5 Negatives

  • What I will Focus on =
    1. Rank my Top 250 Anime including movies
    2. Customize/Sort Top 250 Anime based on preferences
    3. Summarize Top 250 Anime plots and key elements
    4. Create parental/general warnings for Top 250 Anime
    5. Include a short version viewing guide for long Anime
  • What I want to Avoid =
    1. Arguing over Anime when it is okay to have different opinions
    2. Discussing Anime vertically deep (talking a lot about 1 show)
    3. Over-complicating Anime analysis (focus on broad information)
    4. Claiming I know all Anime (my experience is just a small part)
    5. Thinking my ideas on Anime are fact (more educated opinions)

Start browsing this website and good luck on your journey!

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