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It’s a little tedious, but I want to provide as much supplemental material to people who come to this website. I believe that it is important to know what is going on in the background of my mind as well as what I am working on so viewers can get a sense of where I am coming from with my decisions and insights and ultimately what direction the website is headed.

But I want to make something clear. People have very different views, preferences, tolerance levels, knowledge and more when it comes to Anime and/or what they are willing to watch (or take in visually). I hope people come to this website looking for answers and direction, and understand if myself or others prefer to (not) watch certain material. There is Anime out there I would never want to watch, or that I have watched a little of and had to stop watching. There is also Anime I was skeptical about watching that I ended up loving. It’s a big world you know?

Here are two pages of mine going into more details about this website to help visitors along the way – They are also located in the drop down menu of “More Info.”

Guide Explanations – Explains the categories in the Anime List

Other Anime – Anime I haven’t watched yet or Anime not on Anime List

Additionally, I want to give you links to two YouTube Videos made by Anime Video Bloggers. What I like about these videos is they both talk about what they like about Anime, but also recognize that the Anime world has become much larger; people will like different things and that’s okay!

OniMaru – The Rising of the Shield Hero is A Dumpster Fire and You Love It

Gigguk – Best Anime 2018

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