Other Anime

Okay, so 250 Anime right! Seems like a lot, and it is; but it feels like it is not even 25% of the anime out there. Trust me! And I don’t have the time to watch every single Anime and add it to some huge all encompassing list (nor do I want to!). Nor is my list done, because there are still Anime out there that I want to see but haven’t yet, and there will be new Anime that comes out that get added to this list. What Anime haven’t I seen yet that I want to? Which Anime were kicked off the list? Which Anime will I never watch because it is not my Cup of Tea? Well, here is that information. You should know that some of these shows are still good shows, they just didn’t make my list because I have to make decisions and cuts somewhere (e.g the Original Mobile Suit Gundam series is a classic that set the tone for all other Gundam series. I didn’t keep it on my list; doesn’t mean it isn’t important)

Anime to Watch

Anime that was Cut

Anime I won’t Watch (sorry… not?)

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