Anime Summaries

All of the Anime I have compiled in my Anime List are summarized and located in this section. Each summary will include a Plot Summary, a Parental Warning, a Condensed Viewing Guide (for long Anime series, whether they have lots of filler episodes and/or are over 100 episodes) and additional Comments from me. For instance, if there is an Anime you should watch before another or if it would help to know that an Anime falls into certain category of Anime like an Issekai, I’d write that in the comments. For higher ranking Anime (like those in the Top 10), I have provided detailed summaries, warnings, etc., where as the information for lower rankings (like Top 200) will be simplified (remember I got to prioritize, I haven’t got all day). Here are the links to each section – enjoy!

Top 5

Top 10

Top 25

Top 50

Top 75

Top 100

Top 150

Top 200

Top 250

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