About Me

Welcome to a little Snapshot of my life!

A nerdy guy like me married a beauty like her? Oh yeah!
Our Baby Girl – Christmas 2018

My Likes

  • Pizza, Sleeping with a Fan, Music, Running, Sunday Naps, Frisbee
  • Laughing/Puns, Dogs, Maps, Good Friendship, Nature, Back Scratches

My Dislikes

  • Seafood, Bullies, People not using a turn signal

What have I done in my life?

  • Played trombone for 9 years (cool leather jazz blazer and all)
  • Traveled to 44 States (U.S.) and 16 Countries (not including the U.S.)
  • Eagle Scout Award (my mom helped… motivate me… a ton… thx mom)
  • Studied Geography & Business at college; work mostly in Hospitality
  • Learned Japanese (Lived there for 2 years and got a minor in college)

Unique Experiences

  • 2nd place at a male beauty pageant (it was for charity! geesh)
  • Walked a mile into a dark bomb shelter in China (found another exit!)
  • Flagged down a helicopter for a medical team to help a injured boy
  • Swam with dolphins (it was actually diving, like together with me)
  • Proposed after skydiving (wife on ground, didn’t know I was there)

Life Goals

  • Dunk a basketball (I’m 6 ft. tall but we all know white men can’t jump)
  • Run a marathon
  • Visit all 7 continents (I’ve got 4, but my wife has 6!!!! #Antarctica)
  • Learn a 3rd language – probably Spanish, not Flemish
  • Becoming the best husband to my wife and best father to our kids!

If you want to learn more about me, please check out my video post about myself and the website here (coming soon)

And if you want to know even more about me, you can look through the rest of the website and try to figure out why a cool nerd might create a website like this – Or just wait for me to post more videos/information.

…….. and if you are STILL here reading for MORE information about myself, feel free to send me a message!










…….. okay click on another web page please……. I’m not THAT interesting!

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